Intentional Communities

Have you ever spent a long period of time with someone or a group of people and all of a sudden realized that you sound alike? Maybe you picked up their newest slang term or shared the same style? Basically, you were directly influenced by your community and close relationships, and relationships in our lives happen to be the top influencers on our health and overall success.

Knowing that this is the case, wouldn’t it be nice to surround yourself with people who value their health and are committed to finding ways to help them reach their full potential? People who set goals and actually put in the work, own the process, and reap the benefits. ?Studies on goal setting have shown that quality connections in your life lead to greater happiness and ultimately move you more towards your goals. The important word here is quality. It isn’t about building the biggest network, but rather knowing who you can call in a time of need. It is about building long-lasting and meaningful relationships that are based on honestly. loyalty and growth. It is important to truly reflect on who you are and who you want to surround yourself with. Block out those external voices, focus in on what you really want, and build a life that is in alignment with your authentic self. Take time every once in a while to ask yourself if your values and visions align with your community. If the answer is no, it is time to create your own intentional community! If the answer is yes, who else can you add into your circle that will help you get 1% better each and every day?

An intentional community is one that you choose based on your morals and goals. Now, I am not saying to seclude yourself from people whom you may have a life-long friendship with, or to never be around people who disagree with you. There is value in all of that. What I am saying is that you have the power to choose your destiny. You can dedicate time to learning and growing with others who also want to live up to their full potential, not only by talking the talk, but walking the walk. Intentional communities are there for you when you start to let self-doubt sneak in. Intentional communities are chosen by you because you know that they will not always agree with you, but rather challenge you and help you to become a more well-rounded person. Intentional communities help you thrive!

We want you to join our intentional community. One that will make a commitment to live with intention and to hold each other accountable. Our community will be full of people from all different backgrounds and will have a wide range of experience with health and wellness. By joining our community on HiiTide, you are making a commitment to yourself to upgrade your mental and physical capabilities that will increase your overall well-being, happiness and success.

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