Ankle and Knee Vol. 1


Without durable knees and ankles, our body is unable to move the way it was designed to, which can result in knee, back, and neck pain, sub-optimal results, and even injuries.

Why? Because our ankles and knees are part of our foundation.

The goal of this program is to improve the health, function, and strength of your knees and ankles/feet, so that this foundation is solid!

This 4-week program consists of 4 routines per week, lasting 5-7 min max for each routine. These routines are ideally done in the morning or before intensive activities that may cause discomfort and pain. You can do the routines on any 4 days you prefer, and you’ll also have 3 off days during the week (we encourage getting 7 to 10 thousand steps on these days).

Our other goal is also for you to be consistent with these practices, which is the key to seeing true progression and improvement of your current physical state. This is why this program is available at your fingertips on the Durable Athlete App, so you always have easy access to your routines!

We recommend pairing this program with an intentional and concise strength training program.

Welcome to Ankle + Knee Durability, Vol. 1!








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