Knee & Hip Program Vol. 1


This 4-week program consists of 4 routines per week, lasting 5-7 min max for each routine. These routines are ideally done in the morning or before intensive activities that may cause discomfort and pain to members. You can do the routines on whatever 4 days you’d like and you’ll also have 3 off days during the week, be mindful of getting 7 to 10 thousand steps in on each of those 3 days.

Although we provide 4 days/week for our routines, if your body is adapting well to the routines, they are organized and designed for you to repeat days 1/2/3 on days 5/6/7 of the week. If you are not able to repeat due to a busy schedule, 4 days would be the minimum to see some type of positive change.

If you are someone that has some leg pain and weakness from your foot all the way to your hip and lower back and I would highly recommend that you not only use this program on a daily basis but also look into our ankle and knee program volume one. We encourage individuals to include movements from both the foot and hip program so that the foundation of human movement could be solidified and strengthened. The goal is to improve the health, function, and strength of your knees and hips. Also for you to be consistent with these practices, this is the key to seeing true progression and improvement of your current physical state.

We recommend pairing this program with an intentional and concise strength training program.

Welcome to Knee + Hip Vol. 1!”


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