Why Your Lifestyle is Important and Tips to Ensure it is Helping, Not Hurting You

Habits and routines are things that one does regularly and repeatedly on a daily basis. While a habit is one specific thing, a routine is built of multiple habits in sequence with one another. While we can certainly be intentional with both, habits and routines are types of behaviors that tend to occur subconsciously. 

Maybe you can recall a “bad” habit that you had growing up, or still have as an adult, that transpires when you become nervous: biting your nails, fidgeting, mindless eating, etc..These habits are automatic and can take a lot of time and effort to change, but the good news is — they are reversible!

A routine is a set of customary or unchanging and often unconsciously performed activities or procedures. For example, I know that I have a habit of making my bed first thing in the morning and then drinking a big glass of water. These two habits make up the start of my morning routine. Routines shape who we are and how we function because they ultimately help us or hurt us. They essentially determine how we spend the majority of our day, especially our free time. Exceptionally healthy people tend to base these around certain principles, requirements, or rules that allow them to experience the vivaciousness and vibrance that I believe we all inherently aspire towards having.

The truth is, subconsciously or consciously, we all have rules that we live by. These rules can sabotage us and cause struggle and pain, while others can empower us to move towards our full potential.

It may sound funny, but if we want to make some sort of habit change, the best way to do that is to change our routine! Having an intentional routine can positively impact your overall health and wellness by providing you with structure and organization throughout your day. When you have structure and organization, you tend to have less stress and anxiety, which we could all use a little less of! While structure and organization may come easy to some, for others this might take a lot of thought and effort. In a world where most people say they are very busy, I have personally been working on replacing the word “busy” with “productive” and true productivity comes from prioritizing and having effective time management. It is through the implementation of my daily routines that time management becomes much easier and productivity increases!

One time of day that we at The Durable Athlete like to focus on is the morning. This is because it has been proven that the majority of people are most productive in the morning, and the morning tends to set the tone of your day! When we can start the day off on the right foot and be productive mentally and physically, we have a greater chance of that momentum carrying over throughout our day. Ideally it is this morning routine that will set you up for success when it comes to the challenges that you will inevitably face on any given day.

10 Examples of habits that help build a sustainable and optimal lifestyle:

  1. Making your bed
  2. Hydrating upon waking
  3. Journaling
  4. Walks
  5. Sunshine (particularly in the AM/PM)
  6. Mobility breaks throughout your day
  7. Breathing Practice
  8. Exercise/Training Program
  9. Eating without distraction (Turning the TV off or putting down your phone/computer)
  10. Limiting screen time and blue light 1-2 hours before bed

Now, while we can certainly help you implement all 10 of these into your life, we want you to be patient. In order to make these changes successfully over the long-term, it is important that you don’t try to change everything all at once. Making small changes and focusing on consistency is what will bring you results that will completely transform your health and wellness.

Not only will the implementation of these habits help with your overall health, they will build character and positively impact your friends, family and community! With the help of The Durable Athlete team and the HiiTide crew, you will have the knowledge and accountability to assist you in your journey. 

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