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Custom Programming

Let the Durable Athlete team create a program fit for your training goals, while taking into account your training and injury history. Every programming package includes a 30 minute introductory call to ensure that both parties are fit for each other and are fully committed to achieving results.

In-Person Training

Being able to meet in person is one of the best ways to help us, help you! If you are looking to put the guessing to the side and really figure out what is going on in your body, then lets meet up in Austin, TX and really take a deep dive. Clients can expect 60 minutes of uninterrupted, undivided attention to the goals of their choosing.

Mentor Calls

Need some guidance in your daily life, career, or health goals? Schedule a 60 minute mentorship call with Cristian or Natalie. Everything from how to optimize your fitness routine, discuss nutrition & food protocols, breathing techniques or how to set yourself up for the best night of sleep, the mentor calls provides a space for our professional coaches to take a deep look into your process.

Corporate Events

We have been lucky enough here at the Durable Athlete to not only serve and work with athletes but 9-5 professionals as well. We realize that in order to optimze our daily performances, we must be in the right place mentally and physically. This only happens when we can take back control of our daily lifestyle habits and create an environment that fosters success around us. Learn how to set yourself up for success by optimizing the 4 health pillars that the durable athlete is based on. In this setting, we will speak to the daily occurrences that play a monumental role in our health and ways to combat any negative stressors that our limiting our potential and humans first, and professionals second.

Nutrition Coaching

A llow our Durable Athlete coaches to help guide you through a personalized nutrition program. We will communicate via email, text, or zoom and your personal nutrition program will be hosted on ProCoach. We pride ourself on not being dogmatic to a specific diet in our approach but rather understanding you and your goals before creating the ideal nutrional plan for you to follow alongside our guidance for 3 months!