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This 14 day hip mobility series is a challenge to both your mental and physical! The Durable Athlete practices and preaches the importance of consistency and in order for us to see some sort of positive change. This series seeks to challenge your ability to show up every day with the goal of improving the way your hips move and feel! Regardless if you are in a current training program or following a specific routine, each day can be done at any point of your day. Give yourself about 5-10 minutes to really digest the information and experience the empowering effects of intentional movement. If you enjoyed the 14 day series and can feel the positive impact it has had on your life, be sure to continue your follow along with the daily mobility and durability workout exclusively on the Durable Athlete app. Stay Durable!


Our Daily Mobility section is an opportunity to check-in with yourself and better our awareness physically, emotionally, and mentally. You’ll find our follow-alongs where we take you through our different flows and individual joint by joint mobility to target specific areas of movement.


The Daily Durable Workout will make you resilient and leave you energized. Those days of leaving the gym feeling crushed are over. This is the new way to perform at your peak day in and day out.


The Recover Corner is the section that makes all the difference. We use all the tools at our disposal to recover as hard, if not harder, than we train. Through breathwork, foam rollers, tennis balls, and more, this is where we maximize our results.


Our Program section is where we have our follow along programs designed with a specific goal in mind. Every program is structured to meet your lifestyle while accomplishing the intended end result.


Within our Top Playlists contain a wealth of information on nutrition and lifestyle tips to help you maximize your human potential. This is what really sets the Durable Athlete apart from other fitness apps.


Mobility and feeling good doesn’t just happen in the gym. We put together a comprehensive mobility & movement routine for you and made it simple enough to do right at your desk and office.


Every exercise on our app has an instructional video with it to show you how to properly execute the movement in the safest way possible. We have included all of our favorite movements and combined them with med bells, kettlebells, bands and our own bodyweight.

Ankle and Knee Vol. 1

Without durable knees and ankles, our body is unable to move the way it was designed to, which can result in knee, back, and neck pain, sub-optimal results, and even injuries. Why? Because our ankles and knees are part of our foundation. The goal of this 4-week program is to improve the health, function, and strength of your knees and ankles/feet, so that this foundation is solid!

App Features


Cast to your favorite devices using Chromecast, AirPlay, and Bluetooth. We are also Roku TV and Apple TV compatible. Feel free to play your Spotify or other compatible music streaming apps in the background while you train with us.


Keep on-track with your goals with our interactive monthly calendar. This feature allows you to schedule your workouts ahead of time helping you to stay accountable and track your progress.

Video Downloads

Subscribers of the Durable Athlete App can safely download our exclusive content. This allows you to watch wherever, whenever.


Our Program section is where we have our follow along programs designed with a specific goal in mind. Every program is structured to meet your lifestyle while accomplishing the intended end result.

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